Terms of sale
The total estimated cost of accommodation includes the room rate, taxes and actual fees plus a tourism tax of 8,000 CFA francs per person per day,The total estimated cost of accommodation does not include any applicable additional service charges.
With children
In general, children aged 0-2 years are considered free. Additional fees apply if additional services are requested.
When there are children,it is advisable to contact the hotel.
Currencies are estimates and are provided for comparison purposes only, The final cost of accommodation is charged in the local currency of the hotel.
Guests are required to present a valid photo ID at check-in and a credit card for any incidental charge at the time of stay.
Promotional code
The bonus offer or discount code is subject to change or cancellation and may be different every night of stay.
Our Offer 
Special offers are taken by the hotel's email (
Cancellation policy
Free cancellation until 18:00.